WSA-5TR Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit for Hookup Powered Subwoofer/Active Speakers

Dynasty ProAudio

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The Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5TR with 5.8G Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit is design for the powered subwoofers or active/powered speakers. Which is a excellent device for those that want to start up their home theaters/surround sound with easy setups. This device is able to connect to various powered subwoofers and audio outs instantly. The wireless connection help eliminate cable management and prevent unnecessary holes in the wall, it eliminates the hassle of connecting from AV receivers, amplifiers to powered subwoofer, and speakers, subwoofers.


  • 【Quick and Easy Installation】The WSA-5TR prevents you from ever needing to worry about wires, It eliminates the hassle of connecting the transmitter to any existing stereo, home theatre system or any audio source. Giving you the ability to place powered subwoofer/speakers in distant best sounding location in your room and less cluttered. All you need is setup your powered subwoofer or speakers at its intended location with near the power outlet and you`re ready for enjoying the audio wirelessly.
  • 【Advance 5.8G Wireless Technology Connection】Integrated with latest 5.8Ghz wireless audio transmitter and receiver design connection, has better performance and powerful than the 2.4G version in the market, to avoids and decrease possibility of interference from the wireless networks routers, cell phone, garage doors, R/Cs, and other 2.4GHz frequency devices
  • 【High Wireless Transmission Performance】Using the WSA-5TR would be no delays between audio and the film, and provide faster, more stable, better sound quality, latency reducing and less traffic. It also transmit at operating ranges for 100 feet in line of sight or 50 feet through walls, ceilings, and floors (audio transmission range/signal quality will be decreased based on environment).
  • 【45 Channel Frequencies Auto Select Function】The Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5TR featuring 45 channels auto select the best channel to avoid interference with other wireless devices.
  • 【Premium Audio Output】Providing the premium-quality standard audio line level output digital format without audio compression (full CD quality) for stereo audio applications operating.


Package Content:

• WSA-5T Wireless Audio Transmitter x 1

• WSA-5R Wireless Audio Receiver x 1

• 5V DAC USB Power Adapter x 2

• Stereo RCA Audio Cable x 2

• Stereo RCA to Mini jack Audio Cable x 1

• USB Cable x 2

• Owner Manual x 1


- Audio transmission: Digital/Uncompressed

- Transmitter frequency: 5.8 GHz

- Transmitter operating range:

  Max 100 ft - line of sight (best result)
  Max. 50 ft - through dry walls and ceilings (not recommend)

- Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 23 kHz

- Signal-to-noise ratio: >80dB

- Audio Output Level: 2V

- Total harmonic distortion: typ. -90 dB

- Transmitter input voltage level: 0.7 Vrms

- Receiver output voltage level: 1.1 Vrms

- Max. number of receivers per transmitter: 4

- Transmitted data rate: 5 Mbps

- Channel separation: typ. 90 dB

- Dimensions (transmitter & receiver): 2.6" x 2.3" x 1.1" (66mm x 59 mm x 29 mm)