(Outlet/Refurbished) PMC-2 Premium Passive 2 x 2 Studio Monitor Volume Controller

Dynasty ProAudio

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The Dynasty ProAudio PMC-2 is a 2 x 2 premium passive stereo monitor and volume controller for professional computer-based studio applications and home use. It is designed for a precise volume control of analog audio signals and is inserted between analog signal sources and active speakers or amplifiers, also can be connected between a PC sound card or audio interface and monitor speakers, simply delivers an attenuated signal for pure transparent, without compromising your audio which is one of the man benefits of passive volume attenuation. It is ideal for quick and easy level control by using your fingngertips with a large rotary control knob. The PMC-2 is completely passive and does not require power supply, you can keep your software masters at unity and attenuate the audio to your active monitor speakers precisely with the PMC-2 while maintaining maximum audio resolution. The unit features balanced combo XLR / Phone Jack, RCA Audio Line and Mini Jack TRS 3.5mm inputs, DIM & Mute/Mono switches, XLR Balanced/Phone Jack/Mini Jack output, and a large rotary volume control.


The PMC-2 Studio Monitor Volume Controller is typically connected to the output of your mixing console, digital audio interface or laptop computer represented as a reel-to-reel machine in the diagram. The outputs of the PMC-2 connect two pairs of stereo monitors (or to a power amplifier driving passive speakers).

The PMC-2 top panel is configured with a series of recessed trim controls. These set & forget trim controls are used to ne tune the output level going to each component so that when you switch from one set of monitors to the other, they play back at relatively similar levels. Although most active monitors are equipped with level controls, getting to them while listening is difficult. For using the PMC-2, now you no need to reach around the back of studio monitor to make the adjustments, just stay on the engineer’s seat to let you compare how your mix will translate on different monitors which in turn will help deliver more convincing mixes to the audience.

Before making any connections always ensure levels are turned down or equipment is turned off. This will help avoid turn-on transients that could harm sensitive components like tweeters. It is also a good practice to test signal ow at a low volume before turning things up. There is no power switch on the PMC-2, as soon as you plug in the power supply it will turn on.

Audio Input Connector 1 2 x Combination XLR/ Phone Jack (6.3mm) balance/unbalance
Audio Input Connector 2 1 x Stereo RCA Line Input
Audio Input Connector 3 1 x Stereo TRS Mini Jack (3.5mm) AUX Input
Maximum Input Level +26dB
Input Impedance 50K ohms
Audio Output Connector 1 2 x XLR balanced
Audio Output Connector 2 2 x Phone Jack (6.3mm) unbalanced
Audio Output Connector 3 1 x Stereo TRS Mini Jack (3.5mm) AUX Output
Frequency Response 0/0.15dB (10Hz - 40KHz)
Signal-To-Noise Better than -130dB
Channel Cross Talk > -99dB
Distortion > 0.0005%
Dimensions (W x D x H) 7.6" x 3.6" x 2.2"
Weight 1.62 Its